Push Notifications + Sweepstakes = Winner?



What Is Push Notification?

Push traffic has been trending not just recently but over the past few years. In fact, you will not be unfamiliar with what it is and how it looks. You receive push notifications on a daily basis.

Push notifications are basically short messages with an icon that pop up on your devices, such as incoming WhatsApp messages, emails, Skype messages, calendar updates, arrival of your Uber driver, and more. They are notifications which get pushed to your devices, from the various apps or sites that you gave permissions to.

什么是推送通知(Push Notification)?




Elements Of A Push Notification

There are 3 parts that make up a push notification:


1. Icon  图标

2. Headline  标题

3. Description  标题


Ways To Run Push Notification

There are basically two ways to run push traffic. You can either buy push traffic from paid push sources, like how it is for pop, display, native traffic, or you can build your own push database.



Paid Push Traffic Sources

There are many paid push sources out there right now. Some of them are pure push sources while many others added push to their existing inventory. However, do note that some sources are not just selling their own database, but also rebrokering push databases from elsewhere, like MegaPush.




Below I listed some push traffic sources out there which you can explore. MegaPush, PropellerAds are pretty good. I know a lot of affiliates are using them and delivering good leads. More often than not you can check out the bid prices and expected volume on the platform once you signed up. For most of the sources below, we have good friends over there, so we’ll be able to hook you up with good account managers as well as some bonuses. Feel free to hit us up.



· MegaPush


· Revcontent

· Zeropark

· RUNative – $100 Bonus

· PropellerAds

· UngAds – $50 Bonus

· RichPush

· DatsPush

· AdMaven

· Adcash

· Advertizer

· PlugRush


Building Your Own Push List

Apart from running push traffic through paid sources, you can also build your own push database which you can make use of to keep monetizing several times, with all kinds of offers. It’s akin to building your own email or SMS lists. And you can build that push list while running your campaigns, whether it’s from push, pop, native, display, Facebook or other sources.

First, you will need to sign up to a push notification service. I will use Pushnami as an example in this simple tutorial. Once your account is approved, log in to the platform and add your domain.





When you have added your domain, then you can proceed to install Javascript files in your landers.



If everything is installed properly, you should be able to see push notification pop up when you visit your lander. Any users who allow the notification will be inside your push database. Use other techniques like back button (few levels) or triggers (on clicking Block/Allow) to increase your subscribe rate or monetize a user more.



You can now send push campaigns to your subscribers! A good thing to note is never push your list too hard. If you are sending a push notification every 30mins, my advice is to overwrite the previous push notification instead of stacking the notifications. Being too aggressive will result in high unsubscribe rate and lower lifetime value of your database.



What Kind Of Offers Work With Push Notifications?

One of the reasons why push traffic is immensely popular is because traffic is cheap compared to native, Google, Facebook and it converts. Push works for a lot of offers, CC Trials, Dating – SOI/DOI, Sweepstakes SOI, insurance, finance, auto, loans, and more. Today I will talk more about CC Trials offers, which many affiliates over my side are doing really well in with push traffic.


相对native,FB, 谷歌流量来说,push的流量是比较便宜的,所以它才比较受欢迎,push流量适合跑很多种offer,cc 试用,SOI/DOI的约会,SOI的抽奖,保险,金融,汽车,贷款等等。今天我们要用CC试用的offer来举例说一下,因为在我们平台这个类型的offer用push流量跑得非常的好。

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